Trevor Folley: Guildhall Associate


Trevor Folley

Trevor is a full-time coach, trainer and facilitator. He uses a wide range of approaches in his coaching including strategies from Neuro-linguistic Programming to support a coachee to be at their most resourceful (Trevor is a certified NLP Master Practitioner). He supports them to shape their attitude to themselves, others and circumstance so they can operate purposefully and confidently. His coaching style emphasises the person as an individual and works with their current strengths to build new ones.

Trevor believes the most important factor is the coach-coachee relationship. The establishment of a safe and confidential space where the coachee feels comfortable to be open and candid is essential. It is a non-judgemental partnership between equals. Where there is challenge, it is with compassion, respect and purpose. An environment is created where the coachee can see a little further, understand a little deeper and harness their energy and creativity to move closer to what they want.