Guildhall Young Artists Norwich & the Norfolk County Youth Orchestra

NCYO Concert 6 April 2023

About Norfolk County Youth Orchestra

Guildhall Young Artists Norwich is proud to partner with the Norfolk County Youth Orchestra (NCYO). The orchestra welcomes up to 85 members from age 11 – 18 and meets to put on training courses twice a year, where young musicians get to work with industry professionals and develop skills in preparation for a public concert. Courses take place during the spring and autumn half-term, usually over a period of four to five days. 

This unique experience gives members of Guildhall Young Artists Norwich an opportunity to develop their performance skills, build confidence and meet other musicians from all over Norfolk.  

Founded in 1959 to provide gifted young musicians in Norfolk the opportunity to develop their skills and gain performing experience, NCYO is funded by The Friends of Norfolk County Youth Orchestra, an independent charity which provides financial support through bursaries, to support young musicians who want to attend an NCYO course.

Friends of Norfolk County Youth Orchestra

The Friends of Norfolk County Youth Orchestra is an independent charity. It was set up to foster and develop musical skills and opportunities for all Norfolk County Youth Orchestra players – especially those in greatest need of support.

It has also been the main source of financial support for the orchestra since 2019, heavily subsidising costs and supporting individual students with a bursary scheme.

Run by a group of volunteer trustees, any funds raised go directly to helping young musicians who would otherwise be unable to continue their passion and progress within music.

The Friends are vital and without them the NCYO would not be viable which is why the trust continues to seek support and donations to continue its work.

Support can come in many ways. It may be a small, personal donation or a business partnership. We are also keen to engage with organisations who are passionate about music and children’s development and who might be interested in running their own Friends fund-raising event or linking their brand with us.

You can support our work today by making an online donation or find out more ways that you can help to make a difference by visiting Supporting Us.

Supporting Norfolk County Youth Orchestra

Everything we do, whether on the concert platform or in the community, is made possible by a network of generous individuals and organisations.

Our generous supporters subsidise course fees and help pay for rehearsal and concert venues. They fund tutors, music hire and bursaries as well as provide much-needed financial support for young musicians.

Our goal is to ensure that not a single young musician misses out on the opportunity to take part in the Norfolk County Youth Orchestra (NCYO). It’s important to us to make certain that funding is in place to subsidise running costs and help young people who need a bursary.

For more information on any of our fundraising activities please contact:

Friends Secretary at