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Junior student plays the Glockenspiel

Junior Guildhall

Junior Guildhall is a specialist Saturday School offering advanced training to young people between the ages of 4 and 18. The students are able to combine their Guildhall training with their general education in local schools. They come together to experience and learn about music and drama under the guidance of staff drawn from London’s orchestras and freelance professionals. Most of the students go on to study their chosen discipline full-time at undergraduate level, eventually making careers in the profession, though others can, and do, move into totally different fields.

Links between the full-time courses of the School and Junior Guildhall are strong and many professors teach on both programmes. Junior Guildhall students are often invited to participate in the School’s events and, on Saturdays, the entire facilities of the School are given over to Junior Guildhall.

Visitors are always welcome. If you wish to arrange a visit please contact the Junior Guildhall office.

Regardless of their ultimate direction, students find that the professional artistic environment of the Guildhall School provides them with valuable life skills and the means to develop their individual talents to the full. The fulfilment of self-expression and self-discovery together with skills of communication and responsibility will have an enduring influence upon their lives.

Junior Guildhall is part of the Government’s Music and Dance scheme which supports the aims of Foundations for Excellence.

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The welcoming atmosphere and the strong friendships I have made, made it feel like a second home. I wish I had discovered it sooner.


It’s the best step I ever took to further my music

Tuba, Junior Guildhall

It hugely inspires my playing...I come away enlightened each Saturday

Violin, Junior Guildhall

It's changed our lives by enabling us to learn from great tutors and giving us the opportunity to play with outstanding musicians

Richard, Rebekah & Peter
Percussion, Junior Guildhall

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