Our Venues and Facilities

Looking up into the automation and lighting of the Milton Court Theatre

Our Campus

Our facilities include the Grade II-listed Silk Street building, part of the distinctive and architecturally-renowned Barbican complex, and Milton Court, our newer site across the road.

Milton Court’s world-class performance and training spaces include a state of the art concert hall, a lyric theatre, a studio theatre and several major rehearsal rooms.

Silk Street offers a more intimate music hall, a dedicated lecture recital room, a completely flexible theatre, theatrical workshops and labs, electronic music studios, recording and sound studios, and over 40 teaching and practice rooms.

We also have an Annexe with a further 44 teaching and practice rooms, and our Sundial Court Hall of Residence.

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Guildhall Studio Orchestra on stage in Milton Court Concert Hall for a rehearsal

Performance Venues

Guildhall’s five public performance venues have exceptional acoustic properties and extensive seating capacity.

Full jazz big band


Our Milton Court Concert Hall is the largest conservatoire concert hall in London, with state of the art acoustics and technical facilities. Solo recitals, chamber music and medium-sized orchestral performances all take place here.

Opera productions are staged in the Silk Street Theatre, a large, flexible theatre space with orchestra pit, and also occasionally in Milton Court Theatre.

Actors on stage speaking to the director during a rehearsal


Live productions take place in our three distinctive theatres, offering an exciting mix of industry-standard performance spaces to explore: Silk Street Theatre, a large versatile space; Milton Court Theatre, a proscenium arch theatre; and the intimate Milton Court Studio Theatre.

Production Arts student in hard hat and high-vis vest walking across the tension wire grid

Production Arts

All of our professional-standard performance venues are equipped with state of the art equipment, and are particularly well-equipped for lighting and sound and provide dramatic and adaptable environments. They are stimulating and exciting at the same time as being practical, safe and ideal for learning.

Actors read lines from scripts during a rehearsal

Rehearsal & Technical Facilities

Milton Court includes rehearsal rooms, a TV studio, a rehearsal gym and teaching rooms, and a well-equipped computer room with CAD and media production software.

Students have access to over 80 solo practice studios, several medium-sized ensemble rooms, electronic music studios and recording facilities. The recording studio and performance spaces are used for workshops, portfolio recordings and CD/DVD production to fully professional standards.

The School offers dedicated studios for Electronic & Produced Music students. Our main studio is specifically designed for the front and back end of the production process (recording and mixing/mastering), featuring an acoustically isolated control room, recording booths and tie lines to multiple spaces for recording of larger ensembles.

Actor in front of a green screen on the set of Senseless

Production Arts Facilities

Whichever Production Arts programme you choose, you will receive expert training in our well-equipped, flexible performance spaces.

Guildhall School's professional-standard performance venues with state-of-the-art equipment allow our programmes to keep in line with current practice and new theatre technology. Students use the School’s on-site theatres, rehearsal rooms, workshops and costume department to collaborate on major productions and a range of smaller projects and events.

Production Arts Facilities

Our students receive expert training in our well-equipped, flexible performance spaces.

Milton Court Theatre: a proscenium arch theatre seating 223, with a fully-automated flying system which is unique in theatre schools around the world.

Silk Street Theatre: a flexible theatre seating up to 308 in various formats, including proscenium, promenade, thrust and in-the-round. It has counterweight flying and with its large orchestra pit is the venue for our major operas and musicals.

Milton Court Studio Theatre: a flexible studio theatre seating up to 128. This space has a tension wire grid, allowing easy and safe positioning and focusing of lighting equipment and rigging of scenic elements.

Milton Court Concert Hall: this impressive performance hall has world-class acoustics and can seat up to 608. The concert platform is composed of a series of automated lifts, allowing for a wide variety of formats from solo performances to rehearsals for a full symphony orchestra.

Other Guildhall facilities you will use include the scenic workshop, paintshop, props workshop, design realisation studio, costume workshop and dye room, and sound and video editing studios. You will also have access to the lighting and theatre technology lab, stage electrics workshop, and production and stage management offices.

Students chatting at a bench table on lakeside terrace on a sunny day

Study and Relaxation

Our spaces for study and relaxation include a library, two student common rooms, two cafés and a peaceful lakeside terrace. Guildhall students have access to one of the UK’s leading performing arts libraries and excellent studio and IT resources.

Full-time students can apply for the School’s Hall of Residence, Sundial Court, just around the corner from our Silk Street building and Milton Court.