Fees and Funding

Funding introduction

Studying at Guildhall School is affordable and the School is committed to ensuring that the cost of tuition should not deter you from applying. There are a number of measures in place to help you meet the cost:   

  • If you are a UK undergraduate student eligible for a UK government tuition fee loan, there are no upfront tuition fees. You will only have to repay the loan once you have left university and are earning over £27,295 per year
  • For all other students, including those from the EU, tuition fees for a given academic year are advertised well in advance to help you plan your finances, and you can pay your fees in three instalments (plus deposit in year one) on the first day of each term. Applicants are advised to start looking for funding as soon as they decide to apply for a programme of study 
  • The School offers a wide range of scholarships to all students through its own Scholarship Fund. 
  • Following recent global events, we are also increasing the financial support available to international students to ensure our School community can remain an internationally diverse institution. All students classed as ‘international’ under new government guidelines are eligible to apply, and should do so via the School’s usual scholarship application process once a place has been offered.
  • View our EU student FAQs on the International Admissions page for more information on fee changes due to the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Study Costs

There are four costs associated with study at Guildhall School:

Student funding information

Find out more about the fees and funding options for your study level.

Fee Status and Fee Assessment

Fee Status and Fee Assessment

Guildhall School is a publicly funded educational institution and must charge two levels of fee: the lower 'home' fee and the higher 'overseas' fee. Students pay the 'home' or 'overseas' fee depending on whether they meet certain criteria as set out by Government fee regulations. Students at the Guildhall School are studying at higher education (HE) level in England, so must meet different criteria than students studying in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, and students studying a course at further education (FE) level.

The School is responsible for accurately assessing your legal fees status in the UK and is required to apply government regulations to assess fee status. These regulations require the School to consider a range of criteria, including:

• Nationality

• Your immigration status in the UK

• Domicile (where you have been living and for how long)

• What you have been doing for three years prior to your course

Further guidance on funding, fee status and other issues is available from UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

If you are made an offer of study you will either be provisionally assessed as a Home or Overseas fee payer. Alternatively, if we do not have enough information to make a provisional fee assessment your fee status will be Unassessed. All applicants who are made an offer must complete a fee assessment form when accepting their offer to study at Guildhall School. This form enables us to formally assess your fee status in the UK to make sure you are charged the correct tuition fee when you enrol. Fee status assessments are carried out on an individual basis and consider the unique circumstances of each applicant. Additional information may be required to assess your fee status accurately and fully.

Visa Financial Requirements & Tuition Fee Payment

Student visa financial requirements

The Home Office/UKVI requires that students applying for a visa to study in the UK can demonstrate that they have the means to pay their tuition fees and living costs. This is demonstrated by holding at least the first year’s tuition fees plus an additional £12,006 for ‘maintenance’ (or living costs).

More information about visa applications can be found on our International Student page and the Home Office website.

Tuition Fee Payment

Postgraduate students and overseas or ELQ undergraduate students will be required to pay a tuition fee deposit to secure their place on the course before enrolment.

The non-refundable deposit is 15% of the full year’s tuition fee and the payment deadline for courses starting in September 2022 is 15 July 2022. Payments can be made online via the eGo Portal or by contacting the Finance Office.

Tuition fees are due in advance or can be paid by instalments on the first day of each term.

Privacy of student records

How we use your data: Guildhall School is a department of the City of London Corporation (“the City of London”) and the City of London is the data controller. The City of London’s privacy notice explains how the City uses your data.

Where there are activities unique to Guildhall School, these are covered in more detail by the School’s Privacy Notice and by the privacy notice specific to Higher Education.

For the purposes of administering loans from the Student Loans Company (SLC), your data will be processed in accordance with the SLC privacy notice, and in accordance with the School's overarching and HE privacy notice.

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Scholarships, Bursaries and Financial Awards

The School is deeply committed to equality of opportunity and students are admitted solely on the basis of merit. In light of this, the School does its best to ensure that no student offered a place is prevented from enrolling on the grounds of financial hardship.