Funding a research degree

Funding a research degree

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Financial support for advanced levels of study in the UK is limited and often very competitive. Please think carefully about how you will fund your research degree before making an application.

How much will I need?

You need to consider how you will cover the fees (the current fee schedule is available here), any research expenses beyond what is provided by the School and living expenses. Many research students work alongside their studies in order to meet these costs, but please note that full-time students are required to dedicate at least 30 hours a week to their studies during term time (15 hours part-time). 

Because of the independent nature of study, it is not necessary to live in London while pursuing your research degree, but you will need to be able to come to the School at short notice. Additional work restrictions and participation requirements apply to students on Student visas.

Help with costs

Partial fee waivers

All successful applicants are eligible to apply for a partial fee waiver. The typical fee waiver offered is around 20% of the total fees due, but more substantial waivers are sometimes offered. The School is committed to diversifying its postgraduate research student cohort and welcomes fee waiver applications from under-represented groups.

Guildhall School PGR Studentships

Guildhall School occasionally offers studentships for specific areas of research. These studentships include a full fee waiver, a stipend, and in some cases additional expertise and research opportunities provided by partner organisations. Please see our studentship page for details of studentships currently recruiting. 

External studentships and funding

If you are applying for an external studentship or other forms of funding support, please let us know as soon as possible. This is because some funders require supporting documentation from the School or even that an offer for a place be made in advance of our usual deadline – we need as much notice as possible to ensure we can support your application.

PGR studentships

Find out more about the postgraduate research studentships offered at Guildhall School. Note that these studentships do not recruit every year. 

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PhD Scholarship in Music Therapy

Supporting research on equality, diversity and/or inclusion as it affects clinical music therapy practice or training in the UK or European context.

An installation made of glass, water and green paint, situated in the Barbican's foyer

Barbican-Guildhall Studentship

A product of the longstanding partnership between the Guildhall School and the Barbican, this three-year studentship represents our shared commitment to preparing and supporting creative practitioners to engage with the social context in which they operate.