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Clarinet quartet performing on stage in Milton Court

About Chamber Music at Guildhall

Chamber music has a special place in the school as a core or elective element of the curriculum according to the programme of study; regular engagement in chamber music-making is strongly encouraged. Our belief is that students learn fundamental individual and professional skills through ensemble work, and that these skills constitute a unique understanding of music and of students’ own artistic motivations and creativity.

At BMus level, chamber music forms a core strand of our principal study instrumental programmes, and there is additional opportunity for students to immerse themselves in our advanced ensemble elective. At postgraduate level, our chamber music elective provides substantial training to develop students’ collaborative performance skills.

We offer almost unparalleled coaching and a wide range of performance opportunities for students who wish to hone their ensemble and interpretative skills in small chamber group combinations. Our provision helps to enhance students’ chamber music expertise with the aim of developing students’ skills to a professional level. Cross-departmental chamber work is considered as important as more traditional combinations.

Regular coaching is provided by international teaching staff and visiting chamber musicians. Though each school of study may have slightly different requirements, the core emphasis is on fostering individual engagement and responsibility within chamber groups, challenging and developing interpersonal skills, and musical dialogue.

Guildhall selects one or two exceptionally gifted young ensembles to be Chamber Music Fellows, providing them with performance opportunities and intensive coaching with international professorial staff while they develop their careers.

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Find out more about Chamber Music at Guildhall from our students and staff in the video below.

Chamber Music contact details

Nora Salmon, Chamber Music Department Manager
Tel: 020 7382 6129

Three percussionists performing around the same drum

Performance & Collaboration

Studying music at an internationally-renowned conservatoire means you can become immersed in a world of performance from day one.

Activities, Ensembles & Fellows

Activities & Ensembles

  • Regular coaching and lessons from core chamber music staff including Levon Chilingirian, Simon Rowland-Jones, Caroline Palmer, Philippa Davies, Ursula Smith, Carole Presland, Matthew Jones, Graham Sheen, Krysia Osostowicz and Richard Lester
  • Regular coaching opportunities from visiting artists and groups
  • Masterclasses with international visiting artists and chairs of chamber music
  • Active chamber music exchange programmes
  • Chamber music prizes offering external performance opportunities
  • Numerous international performing opportunities for successful groups

The Hans Keller Chamber Fellows

Since September 2021, The Cosman Keller Art & Music Trust has supported the Chamber Fellowships offered at the School, in memory of the musician and writer Hans Keller, who taught at Guildhall in the 1980s.

At the core of the Chamber Fellowships at Guildhall is the opportunity for a young professional group with a base at the School to be inspired by Guildhall’s world renowned chamber music professors and in turn to inspire current students through performances and seminars, providing invaluable development in their careers.

The Hans Keller Chamber Fellows for the 2023-24 academic year are the Elmore Quartet.

Highlights, Successes & Alumni

string octet as part of the chamber music festival