Junior Guildhall Jazz Programme

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A boy with a black beanie hat, wearing a red and black checked shirt plays the saxophone. A man in a blue shirt plays the piano next to him.

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1 March 2023 for September 2023 entry
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Short Courses & Summer Schools, Workshops & Saturday Centres (ages 4-18)
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About the Jazz Programme

Designed for specialist jazz musicians, Junior Guildhall's Jazz Programme, run by Jonathan Taylor and Oliver Weston, delivers a full understanding of jazz performance. 

This holistic and structured programme, with timetables tailored to individual student needs, provides young musicians with the ideal environment and expert individual and ensemble tuition required to develop their skills and grounding in jazz.

All students follow a core course of compulsory activities (two lessons on the first study instrument, Jazz Ensemble, Big Band and Musical Awareness classes) as well as a number of optional classes that are common to Music Course students. Some individual lessons are delivered from 5pm on a week day.

Entry Requirements

Audition requirements for first study jazz musicians (not including drum kit)

1. A jazz standard of the candidate’s choice including improvisation

2. Improvisation on a 12 bar blues in C, F or Bb major (concert pitch, key chosen by audition panel)

3. One classical piece on the same instrument of the candidate’s choice

4. Jazz scales

5. Sightreading (chords and/or notation)

6. General questions


Audition requirements for jazz drum kit

The candidate will be asked to demonstrate a variety of jazz skills on the drum kit: e.g. different tempos, feels and grooves to include swing in 4/4 and 3/4, ballad feel, latin, bossa nova, funk and straight 8s.

In addition, candidates should prepare:

1. One notated piece of the candidate’s choice on either snare drum or drum kit

2. Snare drum rudiments to include five stroke, long roll, flam tap, and triple ratamacue

NB: Percussion instruments will be available at the audition although candidates are advised to bring their own sticks, cymbals and any other appropriate equipment. Should the candidate wish to use a backing track it is their responsibility to provide the track and playing device.