Jazz Auditions

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Audition Information

Jazz Auditions (in person, London)

We encourage candidates to attend a live audition where possible, as this offers you the opportunity to engage in live music-making with our house band, to meet key departmental staff, and to experience our vibrant school environment.

The Audition Process

  • Candidates should arrive around 35 minutes before their audition time. They will have 20-25 minutes of solo warm-up time.
  • We will provide a band to accompany you (piano, bass & drums – or the remaining two, if you are a pianist, bassist or drummer). The band will not be present during your warm-up.
  • Amps, a vocal mic and a 4-piece drumkit with cymbals will be provided. Drummers should bring sticks and brushes, and cymbals if they would like to (but we will have cymbals available for use if preferred).
  • We may not cover all of the below elements in your audition. The panel hope to gain an understanding of your musical personality in all its forms, including collaboration and interaction with the band, as well as personal style and technical expertise. 

Jazz Auditions

Jazz auditions (in person, Overseas Venues)

Please see the Overseas Auditions page for information about our overseas audition venues and dates. 

  • The audition requirements remain the same as above.
  • Please note: if you are auditioning at an overseas venue, please supply your own accompanist(s)/band. You can perform to a backing track if necessary (please bring your own playback equipment).
  • If you have any questions about overseas auditions, please email music.applications@gsmd.ac.uk

Jazz auditions (recorded)

Audition Requirements: Jazz Composition and Arranging (in person and recorded auditions)

If you are applying as a principal study composer/arranger (as opposed to an instrumentalist/vocalist) you should submit a portfolio of three contrasting works. These should all contain passages for improvisation and be scored for ensembles which include a rhythm section. 

Recordings (MP3) and scores (PDF) are required; computer demos are acceptable if a live recording is not possible.

If you are attending in person your audition will include a short discussion with the panel about you and about music.

For live auditions, please send the MP3s and PDFs to jazz@gsmd.ac.uk, quoting your application reference number, at least one week prior to your interview. 

For recorded auditions please submit your materials in the 'Supporting Information' section of the online application form (see noted below). Please include a page or two describing the pieces you have submitted and some information about yourself. We are particularly interested to know what instruments you play.

  • Scores must be provided in PDF format (software files such as Logic/Sibelius/Finale files are not accepted by the system)
  • The PDF score should also include a link to a recording or an audio export of a midi file  This can be uploaded to any freely available streaming platform (e.g. YouTube, Soundcloud). The system cannot accept mp3/mp4 files.