MEI Instrument Loans

Schools signed up to the SLA will receive discounted instrument hire options.

Class and group lessons

  MEI School, State maintained All other schools
Class set ukulele or glockenspiel £55 per year £80 per year
Class set other instrument* £115 per year £330 per year

Individual lessons

  MEI Tutor Not MEI Tutor
Individual instrument** £12 per term £17 per term


Instruments to purchase

Class set recorder £3.00 per instrument
Individual recorder £5.50 per instrument
Individual glockenspiel £22 per instrument

All class sets are for 31 instruments.

*violin, viola, cello, guitar, trumpet, flute, clarinet

**all of the above and trombone, tuba, bassoon, double bass, saxophone, euphonium, oboe, French horn