Junior Guildhall

Top left is a photo of a girl, outlined by a red illustrated frame covered in spotlights and bottom left is a photo of an orchestra in the middle of a green illustrated glockenspiel. Top right is a photo of a boy outlined by the shape of a violin and bottom right is a yellow illustrated saxophone.

Students come together to experience and learn about music and drama under the guidance of staff drawn from London’s orchestras and freelance professionals, and senior professors of Guildhall School.

Junior Guildhall students often go on to study their chosen discipline full-time at undergraduate level, eventually making careers in the profession, though others can, and do, move into totally different fields.

A girl wearing a black cardigan and an instrument case on her back stands next to a girl wearing a green jacket and red scarf. They are facing a girl in a grey jumper.

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We offer advanced training in music and drama for children and young people aged 18 and under. 


Much of who we are and what we do is shaped by collaboration. We are always looking for ways to collaborate, and we have established a number of partnerships to enhance the Junior Guildhall student experience.


Partnerships with leading arts organisations and schools

A boy with black hair and wearing a black long sleeved top plays the violin

Finance and Funding

Scholarships and bursaries are available for students and aim to accommodate all talented students regardless of their ability to pay.

Student Welfare

The well-being of our students is a prerequisite for their success. Staff are required to undertake regular safeguarding training, which is part of our safeguarding culture at Junior Guildhall.

Junior Guildhall News

From top left to right: an illustration of a purple spotlight and green clapper board. From bottom bottom left to right: an illustration of a red violin and yellow saxophone.

Become part of Guildhall Young Artists

Guildhall Young Artists is Guildhall School’s network of centres across the country, providing inspiring performing arts training for children and young people.

When you attend Junior Guildhall, you will become a Guildhall Young Artists member.

This means that you’ll be able to benefit from exclusive opportunities, performances and workshops, including competitions, invites to concerts, gigs and performances from students at Guildhall School. By becoming a part of a national network, members will be able to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals across the country.


Guildhall Young Artists Members