Vocal Studies Auditions

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Singer and accompanist perform on the Milton Court stage

Vocal Studies Auditions

We encourage you to attend a live audition where possible, as this offers candidates the opportunity to engage in live music-making, to meet key departmental staff, and to experience our vibrant school environment.

If you are based overseas and elect to submit a recorded audition, the deadline to upload your audition video(s) is Friday 27 October 2023. Details about how to upload your recording(s) will follow after the application deadline.

Vocal Pathways

Vocal candidates may choose to apply for:

  • Vocal Studies (undergraduate and postgraduate singers, including opera and other vocal music); or
  • Opera Studies (advanced postgraduate singers specialising in opera); or
  • joint application to be considered by both the Opera and Vocal Studies departments

If you make a joint application, panellists will assess which course - vocal or opera - would be most appropriate and successful candidates will be offered a place in either Vocal Studies or Opera Studies.

Find out more about the Vocal Studies and Opera Studies courses. If you wish to apply only for Opera Studies, please go to the opera webpage for audition requirements.

Live Auditions – Vocal Studies

November/December Auditions: Candidates should be available for 2 hours 30 minutes from the point of arrival. This timeframe includes a short rehearsal with the staff pianist, your performance (usually up to 10 minutes), call back for interview if required, and waiting time. All vocal auditions may be recorded for internal panel review purposes.

January Auditions: Candidates should arrive 20-30 minutes before their stated audition time for a warm-up. The audition itself will last around 20 minutes. 

Recorded Audition - Vocal Studies

Live Auditions – Joint Opera/Vocal Studies Applications

For candidates applying for consideration by both the Opera and Vocal Studies departments.

Recorded Auditions - Joint Opera/Vocal Applicants

For candidates applying for consideration by both the Opera and Vocal Studies departments

All Artist Diploma Applicants – Additional Information

Applicants who are successful in the initial audition round will be required to submit the below (you will be contacted following your audition):

  • an up-to-date artistic CV
  • a recent recording (made within the last year). 

These items will be reviewed by the Artist Diploma Panel as part of the second round of consideration.