Staff Research at Guildhall

Overseen by the Head of Research and facilitated by the Research Office, systematic creative and exploratory work at the Guildhall School is guided by an integrated Research Strategy that forms part of its Innovation and Engagement strategy, feeding into an overarching institutional strategic five-year plan redrafted to coincide with the City of London Corporation’s Corporate Plan 2018–23.

The foundation of that work is the wide range of projects within the School’s flourishing Doctoral Research programme, above which we have developed an inclusive and flexible structure, supported directly by the Corporation, that involves a significant and growing proportion of the School’s academic staff.

Some colleagues undertake self-contained projects in the context of our internal Research and Innovation Funding schemes. Others are supported to pursue doctoral study with 100% fee-waivers and resources to backfill their roles. Others still are appointed to various kinds of research fellowship (permanent, temporary, fractional). We also from time to time welcome on a selective basis Visiting Research Fellows whose work complements that of colleagues.

Recognising the breadth of research potential in the School’s range of disciplines, we currently do not try to confine activity within branded strands of work; as part of our mission to promote a culture of enquiry encompassing the whole institution, we support research wherever it emerges, allowing all staff members the opportunity to identify and pursue individual areas of exploration. 

Staff research by artform