Electronic & Produced Music Auditions

Undergraduate and Postgraduate requirements

The application deadline for September 2022 entry is 1 October 2021, but late applications are welcomed until 14 January 2022.

Please note that the assessment process will commence in January 2022.

Application and assessment process

  • Make an online application via our application portal, eGo
  • Send us a portfolio of work by no later than 21 January 2022. Please check the ‘portfolio’ information below. 
  • If you are successful at portfolio review stage, you will be sent a creative task, which must be completed and returned 24 hours prior to your interview. Please read through the ‘creative exercise’ section below for more information. 
  • Interviews will take place in March 2022. For those applying to us for September 2022 entry all interviews will take place online. Please check the interview information below. 


Please submit a portfolio containing a résumé of your experience in Electronic & Produced Music to date and media examples of this experience. This is your main opportunity to ‘showcase’ your experience, ability and potential. Quality, creativity and diversity are more important than length so please avoid saturating your portfolio with material and concentrate on submitting a small selection of your best work.

Portfolios should be submitted electronically via a current form of file transfer (e.g. wetransfer.com) to Mike Roberts (Head of Electronic & Produced Music) at mroberts@gsmd.ac.uk by no later than 21 January 2022. All portfolios will be reviewed in January. Please ensure that the link does not expire before March 2022.

If you satisfy the panel with your initial portfolio submission, you will be invited to the next stages of assessment as detailed below. Some applicants will not progress to the creative task/interview stages of the process and will be notified accordingly.  

Creative Exercise

One week before the interview, you will be sent details of a short creative exercise to be completed on electronic instruments/equipment of your own choice. These details will specify the production of a piece of music of approximately two minutes in length and should take no longer than three hours to complete.

Please send your completed exercise by no later than 12 noon on the day before your interview. Instructions about how to submit the exercise will be included in the creative task document.


Interviews will be held in March 2022. For 2022 entry, interviews will take place online (on Zoom). At the interview, you will be required to:

  • discuss your electronic work to date
  • present the results of your creative exercise
  • discuss future aspirations