Production Arts Department Staff

About our Production Arts staff

There are 24 teaching staff and a further 15 technicians in the Production Arts Department. All the teaching staff have had long and varied careers in professional theatre or live events. The Department maintains current industry contacts via incoming directors, designers and lighting designers, as well as freelance costume supervisors, scenic artists, prop makers, production managers and lighting programmers. It also has strong links with professional colleagues and ex-students working with all major UK theatre and opera companies, productions and suppliers.

Designers and lighting designers who have worked at the School include: Ana Inés Jabares-Pita, Adrian Linford, Jess Curtis, Anna Reid, Louie Whitemore, Sarah Beaton, Kai Fischer, David Howe, Matt Daw, Robbie Butler, Jake Wiltshire and Charlie Morgan Jones.

Production Arts Staff

Vice-Principal & Director of Production Arts
Andy Lavender

Programme Leader, BA Production Arts; Head of Stage Management & Costume
Gill Allen

Programme Leader, BA Digital Design & Production (formerly BA Video Design for Live Performance); Head of Theatre Technology
Andy Taylor

Interim Programme Leader, MA Collaborative Theatre Production & Design
Ben Wallace

Head of Design Realisation
Vanessa Cass

Associate Producer
Stuart Calder

Production Arts Outreach Project Manager
Jon Hare