The Mountains We Climb

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Booking required | In-person
£5 (+booking fee)
Barbican Pit Theatre

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Written, directed and performed by Guildhall School final-year actors

Twelve artists on the cusp of their professional careers create varied and vital performance works.

Presented over three days in the Barbican's Pit Theatre, The Mountains We Climb is an eclectic showcase of the dynamic and diverse perspectives, artistry and experiences that exist within Guildhall's cohort of final year actors.

Each performance will feature four short, stand-alone new works, created with the support of Dramaturg Elayce Ismail. Please scroll down to see the line-up for each performance.

Content warning
Please note that these performances contain strong language and adult themes. Please scroll down for further details.

Creative and production team

Line Up

Wednesday evening and Thursday matinee

Please note these performances include strong language and adult content, including violence and partial nudity. There will be flashing lights and haze.

Obadiah - The Mountains We Climb


'The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.'

It's 2011. Year of the bold. London teen life is full of laughs and jokes until it follows law student Horeb to his doorstep... and his witty charm and charisma may not be enough to sway the jury and court away from the laws of the land.

 Iman Boujelouah - The Mountains We Climb

Iman Boujelouah


TikTok sensation. Essex royalty. I’m living easy. Who else would it be? It’s ME, Stephania g. Come thru babygs, it’s gonna be MENTAL xxx

 Joseph Clark- The Mountains We Climb

Joseph Clark

‘So left it's right’

A stand-up comedian/extreme liberal battles off the far right, one white man at a time.

Featuring Obadiah
Sound Design: Abu Mensah

Line Up

Thursday evening and Friday matinee

Please note these performances include strong language and adult content, including sexualised language, partial nudity, reference to animal cruelty, and themes of death and dementia. There will be flashing lights and haze.

 Ebenezer Gyau - The Mountains We Climb

Ebenezer Gyau


A med student encounters a young boy who needs his help… they are more alike than he realises.

Malikah McHerrin-Cobb - The Mountains We Climb

Malikah McHerrin-Cobb

'10 rules for being black'

Alex is a 28-year-old woman trying to navigate what it means to be black in America, but adopted. Is it possible to be black and have no idea how to be it? Well, apparently so. Just ask Alex.

Sachin Krishan Sharma - The Mountains We Climb

Sachin Krishan Sharma

'Sundown Husks'

Almost one million people in the UK are living with dementia. Who are we to deny someone their reality (/ies)?

Line Up

Friday evening and Wednesday matinee

Please note these performances include strong language, explicit language around race, and adult content, including themes of suicide, self-harm, mental illness, alcohol abuse and death. There will be flashing lights and haze.

Arinder Sadhra - The Mountains We Climb

Arinder Sadhra


A social worker. A young person in care. Their journey becomes the catalyst for a social worker to ask questions about identity, queerness, family and meaning. A 40-year-old's coming-of-age story.

With music by Oliwia Radomska

Abdul Sessay - The Mountains We Climb

Abdul Sessay

'nice guy syndrome'

A man finds a book that promises him a better life…

 Lola Shalam- The Mountains We Climb

Lola Shalam

'Peach Pit'

“Of course I feel guilt”.

2006. Stripped of her Miss Ultimate Grand Supreme title due to foul play, Peaches appeals to the board so that she can compete once again.

Westerfield Oreoluwa Ibikunle Shoderu - The Mountains We Climb

Westerfield Oreoluwa Ibikunle Shoderu

'How To Live'

“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth”

An uncomfortable deep dive into the mind of an “emotionally unavailable” black man.

With Abiola Popoola & Michael Mbozo