Finance and Funding

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Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries are available for students and aim to accommodate all talented students regardless  of their ability to pay.

Annual Junior Guildhall fees for 2022/23

Basic Music Course £3,695
Extra Study (20 minute unit) £785
String & Brass Training Programmes (STP & BTP) £2,110
Kindergarten Course £710
Drama A: Single Class £640
Drama B: Double Class £850
Drama: Advanced £1,250
Alexander Technique (Individual Session) £555
Alexander Technique (group session)     £392.50
Basic Jazz Course £4,450
Consultation Fee (per hour) £80 per hour
Audition Fee for Music & Drama Course     £40

The Basic Music Course fee includes all activities, including optional classes, with the exception of extensions to the first study lesson and any extra individual lessons.

The String Training Programme fee includes a 20-minute first study lesson (Year 2) or a 30-minute first study lesson (Years 3 to 6) and the Kodály, Eurhythmics and Ensemble Classes. It does not include extensions to the first study lesson or any extra study piano lesson.

The Basic Jazz Course fee includes a 40 minute jazz first study lesson and 30 minute classical extra study lesson on the same instrument, as well as all classes and ensembles.

Accounts relating to course fees are invoiced annually and are payable in three equal termly instalments.