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Masterclasses £60, Skills Sessions £50
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Masterclasses & Skills Practice Sessions

Guildhall Ignite offers continuing professional development for graduates of our coaching courses looking to build, challenge and expand their practice.

Masterclasses and Skills Practice sessions take place throughout the year, drawing on the unique expertise of our Associates, on research and knowledge developed from our own creative environments and from the experience of our roster of international guest speakers.


Masterclasses: £60

Skills Sessions: £50



Summer Masterclasses 2023


Transactional Analysis and Relational Coaching 

With Charlotte Sills

24 May 2023, 10am – 1pm. Zoom.

At this masterclass Charlotte will:

  • Introduce the principles of relational coaching and propose that transactional analysis is a relational approach, both in theory and in practice. 
  • Talk about some of the major concepts and models of TA and invite participants to play with them in experiential exercises. 
  • Overview the place of transactional analysis in the wider field of psychological thought. 

The masterclass is for coaches at any stage of their training and practice, who are interested in a relational approach and want to be supported by some solid theory.


Introduction to Co-Active Coaching

With Trudy Wright

6 June 2023, 6pm – 9pm, Milton Court, Guildhall School.

The masterclass is an introduction to:

  • Co-Active Coaching, and what makes it different
  • the Co-Active model
  • the session will be interactive and creative
  • there will be a coaching demo, Co-Active style!

Expect to take away insights for yourself as well as tips for working with your coaching clients.

You are warmly invited to explore the magic of Co-Active Coaching.  The US creators of Co-Active Coaching, Henry and Karen Kimsey-House and Laura Whitworth were among the early pioneers of the human potential movement and coaching profession and the founders of the Co-Active Training Institute.  Over the last 30 years CTI, a global brand in coaching and coach training, has trained more than 130,000 Co-Active coaches worldwide. 

Trudy Wright, a certified professional Co-Active coach (CPCC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Associate Coach at GSMD leads this interactive introduction to the Co-Active model and the power of a Co-Active coaching relationship.


Exploring Identity Consciousness in Coaching 

With Taslim Tharani.

30 June, 2.30pm – 5.30pm. Zoom.


“Identity-conscious practice is a process of realising that who you are informs and impacts how you act, how you interact with others, and how you see the world around you” (Talusan, 2022)

Identity-conscious practice is essential for inclusive coaching.

In this interactive workshop you will: 

  • Develop identity consciousness by naming and exploring our own identities 
  • Explore how our own identities may influence the way we see and navigate the world and therefore how they might show up, consciously or unconsciously in the coaching space 
  • Become more aware of our own biases, assumptions, privileges and positionality and explore how this might show up in our coaching practice 
  • Identify how we can use this awareness to move towards more inclusive coaching practice and create spaces where intersectional identities can be brought into the coaching space 

This workshop draws on contextual behavioural science which underpins Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an approach to behavioural change which enables us to develop greater flexibility and perspective taking, as well as a greater capacity to be with difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences which tend to arise when engaging in equity work.

Our hope is that this workshop will offer a space where the discomfort can be processed in a safe and positive way so that we can move towards greater understanding, belonging, inclusion and equity in our coaching practice.


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