Key details:

Year of Graduation:
Umi Myers
Photo by Dave Buttle


Height 5′7″
Eyes Blue/Green
Hair Black

Nationality British
Natural accent RP (London)

Productions at Guildhall

Maria Vesyolkina in Barbarians (die. Oliver Dimsdale & Victoria Moseley)
Armani in Gone Too Far! (dir. Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu)
Ensemble in Love and Information (dir. Pooja Ghai)
Lawyer in Jackal Run (dir. Breach)
Scotland-Yard (written/dir. Umi Myers)
Company in Pod (dir. Jamie Bradley & Vicki Igbokwe)

Projects at Guildhall 

Medea in Medea (dir. Patsy Rodenburg)
Clytemestra in Agamemnon (dir. Patsy Rodenburg)
Margaret in Richard III (dir. Patsy Rodenburg)
Mary Jane in Mary Jane (dir. Bijan Sheibani)
Officer Lockstock in Urinetown (dir. Claire Brown)
Jenny in Mosquitos (dir. Wyn Jones & Annemette Verspeak)
Jerry in The Betrayal (dir. Wyn Jones & Annemette Verspeak)
Belinda in Devised Restoration Project (dir. Richard Katz & Noa Wagner)
Varya in The Cherry Orchard (dir. Sue Lefton)
Zainab in False Flag (dir. Nathaniel Martello White)

Professional Experience

Moon-Stained by Kassius Nelson, Theatre Stratford East

Other Experience

Spoken word: Clear to see (Talawa Theatre company poetry competition ‘Bite your tongue’, 2017)


Strong singer (Alto)
Very good ear for accents
Saxophone (Grade 6)
Flamenco, Salsa, Show dance, Historical dance
Stage combat, Acrobatics



Voice Reels

Voice Reel - Commercial

Voice Reel - Narrative

Nine Night by Natasha Gordon

The Motherfucker with The Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgis