BA Production Arts – Theatre Technology

Theatre Technology Pathway

In Theatre Technology you will learn about design and production across lighting, sound, video and stage technology (automation and technical management), with opportunities to specialise in your final year. In this area, production artists - designers, engineers and technicians - need to be strong collaborators with advanced creative and specialist skills.

As you develop your own craft, you will progress from learning about creative processes, technology and software to programming and show operation, to finally managing and designing fully realised productions in collaboration with other students and visiting professionals.

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Pathway Structure

Year One

As a Theatre Technology student, you will be working on practical projects to develop your knowledge of rigging, electrics, flying and stage automation as well as learning about lighting, sound and video design. These classes and exercises will prepare you for the responsibilities and opportunities to come when you'll be joining creative teams on  Guildhall productions.

Along with all other students in the programme, the Theatre Technology students also take classes in a broad range of core subjects. These include: Theatre History, Creative Practice, Contemporary Theatre, Health & Safety and Stagecraft & Production Process.

Classes are usually project based and wherever possible have a hands-on, practical approach. For example, when studying trends in contemporary theatre, we’ll take you to see some shows and, when we’re looking at theatre history we’ll take you to galleries and museums to look at examples.

Associated Studies

In this year you will also take a core module called Associated Studies, which allows you to take three short courses in other areas of production arts such as Prop Making, Stage Management, Scenic Construction, Costume or Scenic Art.

Year Two

Your second year is entirely practical. You will spend the bulk of your time operating the lights, sound, projection, flying system and effects for the School's drama and opera productions. 

You will also spend half a term working in one of the areas you studied in Year One Associated Studies.

Year Three

Third Year students spend two terms in leading production roles on Guildhall productions such as Production Electrician, Production Sound Engineer, Sound Number One, Technical Stage Manager or Production Manager. You will also be given the opportunity to design Lighting, Sound, Video or Automation for various school productions. You will lead teams of second year students and take responsibility for productions from the earliest design through to the final performance.

You will also undertake a six-week work placement and complete a Graduation Project.


Graduates in the Industry

Recent Work Placements

Recent work placements undertaken by Theatre Technology students include: 

  • Automation for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End
  • Production management at the National Theatre, Cirque du Soleil and Autograph Sound 
  • AV/video at Glyndebourne Festival Theatre
  • Lighting department at the Kiln Theatre and for The Prince of Egypt in the West End
  • Rigging department for The House of Dancing Water, Macau

Future Careers

Potential careers for Theatre Technology students include: 

  • Production manager
  • Lighting designer and programmer
  • Video designer and programmer
  • Technical manager
  • Automation programmer
  • Sound designer and operator
  • Live mixer

Read about career possibilities after graduation.

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Our Facilities

Students use the School’s on-site theatres, rehearsal rooms, workshops and costume department to collaborate on major productions and a range of smaller projects and events.

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Production Arts alumni

Meet our Production Arts graduates and find out what they've been working on since graduating from Guildhall.

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See a production

See the work of our students come to life on stage in our drama and opera productions.

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