New York Voices & Guildhall Jazz

New York Voices & Guildhall Jazz

The Guildhall Jazz department has no fewer than four vocal ensembles running throughout the academic year and featuring both vocal students and instrumentalists.

COVID-19 restrictions meant fewer opportunities for these vocal ensembles to get together and sing, but that didn’t stop them wanting to make music together. Instead, the Jazz department invited the internationally renowned vocal group New York Voices to collaborate from across the Atlantic on a recording project.

Each member of New York Voices gave their own masterclass, and through Soundtrap (an online digital audio workstation, or DAW), the Guildhall musicians were able to get direct feedback on the recordings as they were working on them, almost as if New York Voices were in the room.

The process included learning music via zoom, rehearsing both online and in-person (on 3-metre grid marks), recording and listening back with New York Voices, re-recording after feedback and learning about vocal postproduction.

“I couldn’t be prouder! We are so grateful to Kim, Lauren, Darmon and Peter for going above and beyond in this project. We finished the year feeling inspired!” - Clare Wheeler, director of Vocal Jazz Ensemble

“I've loved being part of the Guildhall Jazz vocal department this year!  The Jazz Choir was a joy to work with, always positive and hard-working, and despite the challenges of COVID-19 they produced amazing results. The collaboration project was really special; we were so lucky to have New York Voices lend their talents and expertise, and more importantly, give the students so much love and encouragement. Personally, it was a dream come true to have everyone singing one of my arrangements! Thank you to everyone for making a difficult year so much fun, and truly demonstrating the healing power of the human voice.” - Kevin Fox, Guest Director of Guildhall Jazz Choir

What you hear is the result of months of hard work by our dedicated and talented Jazz students. The video for The World Keeps You Waiting gives you a little insight into what the project was like from the inside.


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