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What's been your highlight in the industry?

Working as Associate Lighting Designer and Programmer for Andrew Ellis on “Kipps - The New Half a SixPence Musical” was a really rewarding experience which I learnt a lot from. We found we worked well as a team and we worked together in the same capacity straight after the “Ballet Icons Gala” at the London Coliseum. Working at such a prestigious venue was a real highlight for me.

What other passions and projects have you enjoyed exploring during your time at Guildhall? 

Working across departments, combining different plans into one 3D model and master plan has a skill that I’ve been practising across all my allocations this year. This has allowed us to spot several problems earlier in the process and I’ve enjoyed being able to help members of the creative team get a better understanding of what something might look like with 3D renders that include set, lighting video and sound. 

What are you most interested in working in after you graduate?

I really want to work as a lighting designer, associate and assistant for theatre and live music. I love watching, working in and designing for theatre. I also really like working with music both in theatre and in a live setting. I’m particularly interested in live concerts that are led by story and design.

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