Mozart Mass in C Minor

  • 7.30pm
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St Giles Cripplegate, Fore Street, London, EC2Y 8DA

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Eclectic Voices, the Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra, conductor Scott Stroman, and soloists Adaya Malka Peled, Alexandra Pouta, Michael Lafferty and Redmond Sanders will present Mozart's Mass in C Minor as completed by Robert Levin.

The concert, held in conjunction with Levin's annual visit to the Guildhall School, features soloists from the School.

Renowned pianist, musicologist, and composer Levin will explain the process of investigation, deduction, re-repurposing and imagination he used to complete the Mass, composed in 1782-83 but left incomplete. The satisfying result is akin to a sympathetic completion of a historic building, where the new addition is distinct but complementary.

An additional aperitif will be provided by pianist David Dolan, Professor of Classical Improvisation at Guildhall School, who will be joined by the soloists to illustrate techniques of decoration and improvisation employed in Mozart's time.

Conductor Scott Stroman is known for his musical breadth, equally proficient in orchestral and choral music, opera, and jazz. He insists that the musical sensibilities gleaned in jazz are applicable to all other music, and strongly influence the way he approaches classical music:

“Successfully working in jazz means inhabiting - feeling and speaking - the music's rhythmic and harmonic language. Bringing jazz sensibility into classical music is easy for me - I imagine it to be similar to the way that Mozart or Bach may have worked. This excites me, to bring what I learn in working with Mozart into jazz and vice versa. On top of this, the choral aspect is really important; you have to hear and feel the music in order to perform it."

Image above: David Dolan

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