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What's been your highlight during your time at Guildhall?

My highlight of second year was stage managing the student-led CoLab project 'Between: A New Musical". The project had been restricted by COVID-19 and had various cancellations and changes but hearing the full orchestra for the first time in the space and seeing it all come together after two years of work was a proud moment for me. I think the way we had to adapt and learn new skills helped me to understand and challenge my stage management practice. 

What's something you've learned that you feel will help you when you graduate?

Training during COVID has made me much more resilient. We've had to become more creative with the way we do things and be much more flexible with guidance changing all the time. We've had a lot of opportunities over the past year and half that we wouldn't have had under usual circumstances, for example, I got to costume design for 'Jackal Run' and worked as a Creative Producer on a series of short solo films, both these opportunities gave me an insight to the creative process from different viewpoints.  Upon graduation Emma hopes to pursue a career in opera stage management.

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