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Hidden - five students in front of wooden door with 'HIDDEN' written above it in red

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Rehearsal Room 1

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to put or keep someone or something in a place where they/it cannot be seen or found.

Witness a new piece devised and developed by the company of Guildhall School’s BA Acting Studies programme, a four-year double degree programme, designed and delivered in conjunction with the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing.

This programme sets out to prepare the students to view themselves as more than an extension of the marketplace but as individuals who can find their own voices and have confidence in who they are. In their artistry they are encouraged to dig deep into the corners of themselves, so that when expressing what they have to say, either through an authored script or individually, they aim equally to touch the spectator in the deepest corners of them-selves.

A core belief of the programme team is that theatre should be a place of community and exchange between performer and spectator. A place where the entire physical form is witnessed expressing beliefs of what it means to be human at a particular time and place in history.

The piece looks at the impact of the One Child Policy on a working family of four living in rural China during the 1980s. In an age when inequality show no signs of abating, and large sections of the world's population feel more and more desperate, there is a temptation to blame others and promote easy, one-sided solutions. Hidden provides a complex allegory about the challenges we face in a world where co-existence is an increasingly difficult ideal to achieve.

Free, no tickets required

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Milton Court, based across the road from our Silk Street building, provides the School with world-class performance and training spaces, including a state of the art concert hall, a lyric theatre, a studio theatre and several major rehearsal rooms.

Milton Court, 1 Milton Street, London, EC2Y 9BH