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It’s the best step I ever took to further my music

Tuba, Junior Guildhall

It hugely inspires my playing...I come away enlightened each Saturday

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It's changed our lives by enabling us to learn from great tutors and giving us the opportunity to play with outstanding musicians

Richard, Rebekah & Peter
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Richard, Rebekah & Peter
Monday 28 June at 6:00pm

ResearchWorks: The Romantic National Song Network

Thomas Sully; Lady with Harp: Eliza Ridgely; 1818

Research, ResearchWorks

The Romantic National Song Network: Examining ways of bringing historical songs to life

Professor Kirsteen McCue (University of Glasgow)

This event is presented in association with the Institute for Social Impact Research in the Performing Arts

The Romantic National Song Network, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, ran between 2017 and 2019. Bringing together scholars working in literature and language, musicology, history, book history, and performance history, it aimed to establish what songs were published and performed in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales during the period 1750 to 1850, and to explore how they shaped public perceptions of the different national cultures of the British Isles.

The project ultimately created an interactive website featuring a number of key song-stories and brought together a group of young singers from across the UK in a final project performance. This presentation by Professor Kirsteen McCue will talk through the formation of the network; showcasing its findings and reflecting on how projects like this can breathe life into historical song repertoire.

Image: Thomas Sully; Lady with Harp: Eliza Ridgely; 1818; National Gallery of Art, Wikimedia Commons.

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