Belinda McFarlane

Key details:

Junior Guildhall
String Chamber Music Coaches


As a member of the London Symphony Orchestra and Fiorini piano trio Belinda performs regularly throughout the world. She has been a dedicated member of the LSO’s Discovery team teaching and workshop leading with playing and non-playing musicians of all ages and ability. Most notably she was a lead instigator in the Take A Bow project in London and Paris preparing string players of all abilities to perform together at the Barbican and Salle Pleyel, and the LSO’s On Track programme training an orchestra of East London school children to perform at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. A Director of the LSO, she also sits on the orchestra’s Education Liaison Committee. With Fiorini she has led chamber music masterclasses and music workshops in schools and communities in the UK, France, Australia and Zimbabwe. She appears regularly as an orchestral and chamber music coach for the Australian Youth Orchestra and for the LSO, and as guest lecturer at the University of  Queensland. As a member of the Australian World Orchestra she is also their Youth Education Advisor.Born in Australia, Belinda graduated from Elder Conservatorium, Adelaide University with a First Class Honours degree, and plays a on a Giuseppe Fiorini violin.