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Production Arts
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Guildhall Highlights

One of my highlights from my time at guildhall has to be our Drama 3 production: Anna Karenina. As the Video Engineer, I was able to get hands on with the set-up of our projection system that formed the rear projected back wall of the train carriage. This was also an immense learning opportunity as I was able to program the show in Disguise whilst learning the D3 software. This was my first time using our server but my role on this show re-ignited a passion for video for live theatre.

Something I have learned

It has been greatly beneficial to have access to the equipment and tutoring that Guildhall offers. With the help of our lectures and external freelancers I have been able to learn a lot more about mixing sound for live performances and production practices I can use to make my mixed more efficient and improve on quality. Thanks to sessions with Phil Wright, I have learned how to use a DiGiCo console and how to make the most out of my EQ.

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