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Drama | Production Arts
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About Pilgrims

Please note this broadcast is no longer available to watch.

Available from 4pm, 14 April – 11.59pm, 21 April


by Elinor Cook 

Georgia Green director
Cory Shipp designer
Rajiv Pattani lighting designer
Oliver Brown sound designer
Reuben Cohen video designer
Diane Alison-Mitchell movement director
Raniah Al-Sayed intimacy director
Lucy Rodgers costume designer
Adi Currie assistant lighting designer

'There's an extraordindary economy to Cook's writing. Her spare sentences double up as dialogue and statement, and she weaves layered ideas and images together.'

With Everest already conquered aged 18, Dan and Will’s latest challenge is a peak that's never been scaled. As well as their struggles during the adrenaline-fuelled climb – one pulling back, the other pushing on – they also both love Rachel. But Rachel isn’t interested in waiting on the side-lines or being a character in someone else’s story, she’s out to make her own.   

Can love conquer ambition? And whose story will ultimately be remembered?   

Georgia Green directs this fast-paced play about falling in love, betrayal and adventure by Elinor Cook, winner of the George Devine Award for Most Promising Playwright in 2013. 

Please note this production contains strong language and references to sexual assault as well as discussion of death and dying. This production contains flashing lights.

Founding Corporate Partner: Eversheds Sutherland

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Please note this broadcast is no longer available to watch.

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Founding Corporate Partner: Eversheds Sutherland

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