Undisciplined PappyShow residency


undisciplined is a pioneering extra-curricular programme of funding, workshops, residencies and events designed to support students to collaborate across, between and beyond disciplines and to push at the boundaries of their artistic practice.

Throughout the year, students can access a range of undisciplined opportunities in addition to their regular programmes of study. From receiving funding of up to £2,000 to support new collaborative projects to taking part in intensive workshops with leading industry professionals, undisciplined invites students to experiment, innovate and unlock their artistic imaginations.



An event celebrating celebrates amateurism and imperfection. When so much time is focussed on “making it”, THE UN-TALENT SHOW invites students to muck it up instead. To leave their perfectionism at the door and luxuriate in the mediocre. To share something unpolished, unfinished, ungraded and unprofessional. To stick to their specialism or swerve wildly away from it - all magnificent UN-TALENTS welcome!


Camp Drill

A new play, written and directed by Westerfield Oreoluwa Ibikunle Shoderu (Acting), in collaboration with Iben Sorensen (Stage Management) and Abu Mensah (Video Design for Live Performance). Staged in July 2022, the performance sold out, and raised over £300 for the charity Art Against Knives.



Gilly Roche - Head of Interdisciplinary Practice


Please get in touch if you have any general enquiries, or would like to find out more about undisciplined: