Music Explorers

a young child drumming on a djembe

Key information:

Course dates:
Tuesdays during term time
Course times:
4.15 - 5pm
4-6 (Reception & Year 1)
£110 per term, bursaries available
West Library, Bridgeman Road, N1 1BD

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Music Explorers

Music Explorers is an adventure in music for Reception and Year 1 aged children (age 4-6). In each 45-minute session children are invited to explore, setting out on an adventure. This could be a new way of looking at music, an instrument or a guest musician. At the heart of the programme is a child led ethos.

Our sessions will foster independence and a range of ways of participating; explore rich variety of songs, rhymes, and music games; encourage self-initiated musical play with a wide range of music of different backgrounds and traditions.

Facilitators will tune in to the children’s ways of being musical; respond and play creatively with children in music allowing them to retain the initiative; devise ways of allowing children to continue to explore their ideas with musical instruments, the voice and body.

Children will be given to opportunity to sing and perform spontaneously in a range of different ways; repeat, transform, combine and develop their own and borrowed musical ideas into increasingly complex structure. Over time children will be able to control and coordinate their whole body and coordinate their music ideas with other.


Costs: £110 per term (10 weeks per term), bursaries available

Time: Tuesday 4.15-5pm

Where: West Library, Bridgeman Road, N1 1BD

Age: 4-6 (reception and year 1)

Parents & carers are encouraged to join in the session!